‘slowdance,lowtide’ – Hirotaka Shirotsubaki (Self-Released)

'slowdance,lowtide' - Hirotaka Shirotsubaki

Six tracks of serene ambient bliss arrived mid last month, in the form of ‘slowdance,lowtide’, an album from Japanese artist Hirotaka Shirotsubaki (due to heightened activity around Bandcamp releases, I’m trying in vain to catch up on the plethora of good music that has been released recently).

Personally, I’ve always felt Shirotsubaki’s sound lends itself more to a day of soft rainfall, where the streets are quiet and the air is damp. However, in recent times, he has often soundtracked my mornings; a post-walk coffee at the crack of dawn, streets still quiet, but the air warmed by the optimism of late Spring. 

‘slowdance,lowtide’ features some really beautiful tracks – all seemingly lulling the listener into a state of calm. Enveloping drones drift endlessly, peppered by the familiar tones of synths and piano keys. A fine addition to Shirotsubakis already outstanding discography.

Available via Bandcamp – also worth mentioning that Shirotsubaki donates a large chunk of his production income, to support local projects in need.