‘Humility’ – Tekra (Northallsen Records)

'Humility' - Tekra (Northallsen Records)

Dark, pulsating techno from UK-based Tekra (aka Andrew Kater) forms the latest release from Columbia label Northallsen Records, the endeavour of rising native DJ Aleja Sanchez. ‘Humility’ is available both digitally and via limited edition cassette (I believe this to be the first release the label have offered in this format) and follows incredibly strong works from Kater on leading labels including Circular Limited and Warok Music.

‘Humility’ opens with ‘Connection’, an atmospheric drone scape, perfect for a peak time set starter and in this instance, a perfect introduction to the rest of the release. Title track ‘Humility’ moves the release into a 4×4 format, peppered with sonic plucks, before a low rumbling bass line kicks in.

‘Kerid’ continues to build tension (a tight syncopated hi-hat is one of my favourite music components) and then ‘Ybbob’ shifts the release in a slightly harder direction, with Kater adding layer upon layer of immersive sounds, including an ethereal sounding synth. ‘Geysir’ continues the heads-down, 4×4 theme, before he kicks things back up a notch with ‘Exception’. A Shifted-esque heavy drum roll almost purrs along and is complemented by punctuated cosmic bleeps and grainy (almost noise like) synths.

Penultimate track ‘Skogafoss’ is an extremely tight production. Crisp drums and highs form the backdrop, as an orchestra of different percussive elements fade in and fade out. To round things off, ‘Amiga’ sees Kater slows things down and shifts to a break-beat, with a dnb twist to the drums and hi elements, further exemplifying his range as a producer. 

Mega release and interesting to see an established label move into outputs on tape – hopefully a sign of things to come! 

Available via Northallsen Records Bandcamp page

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