‘Il Labertino del Fauno’ – Doctrina Natura (Circular Limited)

Doctrina Natura (real name Alex Caballero) returns to Circular Limited little over a year after his debut, delivering ‘Il Labertino del Fauno’ a four track EP (incl remix from Unjin), which encapsulates the deep and hypnotic sound the Seville-based label has become renowned for.

Caballero has steadily been making a name for himself within deep techno circles and his maiden release of the new decade follows strong production output in 2019, including an E.P. on Ryogo Yamamori’s 951beat and ‘The Sacred Circle’, a six track offering released on Ghent based Aarden Records. This has been bolstered by contributions to some of the genres leading podcast series, including Sure Thing #79 (curated by Aaron J) and and Munitum #99. 

Presumably aided by their ‘Digital-only’ approach, Circular have a rigorous release schedule (17 in 2019). But whilst this frequency can often impact the quality of a label’s output, Circular have no such issue. Each release is beautifully curated, and their artist roster is bursting with production talent, ranging from more established names such as Svarog and Norbak, to emerging artists such as Vinz Exe and Citty.

Such is Circular’s contribution to the deep / hypnotic techno sub-genre, it would be effortless for them to expand into vinyl releases, a podcast series or even curated events / mini festivals. Their formula, however, is a winning one, and whilst there appears to be no immediate plans to deviate from their current output, they will continue to be one of the leading lights in contemporary techno music.

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