‘Luna de Sangre’ – Kyntral (Norite)

The progression of deep / hypnotic techno has mostly been attributed to DJs and producers across Europe; think Italy, for example, and Donato Dozzy and Dino Sabatini spring to mind, with more modern producers such as Luigi Tozzi, Claudio PRC and Ness continuing to fly the tri-colour. Look further north, to Sweden, home to two of the most influential labels in the scene (Northern Electronics and Hypnus) and you’ll find a constant stream of forward thinking techno being released.

As the interest in the genre continues to gain momentum however, pockets of DJs and producers have seen their local scenes rise to prominence on a global scale. The Buenos Aires based collective trio of Alderaan, Forest on Stasys and Kyntral, are such an example. Their Danza Nativa imprint, launched in 2019, has seen a release from each of the three, with a more recent offering from rising talent Vanoni, all of which provide a clear and consistent representation of the sound currently coming out of the Argentinian city.

Kyntral will soon release ‘Luna de Sangre’, his debut on the established Norite label. The four track E.P. opens with ‘Ceremonia’, a gentle combination of sounds (potentially field recordings – think rustling leaves) which progresses to a complex drone offering. The title track picks up the records’ pace with space-age tribal sounds underpinned by heavy syncopated kicks.

‘Sacrificio’ is the pick of the bunch for me, complete with warped synths, boomy kicks and haunting (choral) vocals. Staccato laced ‘Ciervo Sagrado’ rounds off the release nicely.

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