‘Seraphine Wings’ and ‘Emissary’ – Purl (Dewtone Recordings)

Swedish ambient producer Purl, releases two two-track E.P.s in conjunction with Dewtone recordings, a label he credits for being instrumental in both his development as an artist and for connecting him with other revered labels such as Silent Season and ASIP.

The atmospheric ‘Emissary’ transports you to a different land, one where nature reigns and the soft sound of a rustling breeze is heard above all, with subtle piano notes complementing the sweeping sounds perfectly. Equally uplifting ‘Seraphine Tears’ ushers in different elements. Padded kicks are introduced gradually and provide the perfect foundation for Purl to add layer upon layer of emotive sounds atop. By the mid point, the kicks form a steady 4×4 rhythm, providing notably more energy, which remains until near close, where the layers begin to shed and the track is distilled back to its minimalist beginnings. Nature’s influence is also evident on ‘Shards’, with echoing bird calls and trickling stream effects present from the get-go. 

It’s hard to determine where the release ‘begins’, and consequently ‘ends’, but for me, ‘Seraphine Wings’ rounds things off perfectly. Just shy of four minutes long, it’s the shortest track on the release, but is deeply contemplative and perfectly eases the listener back to reality. 

The swede is prolific in the studio, with solo and collaborative works released on a number of the genre’s leading labels over the last few years; ‘Stillpoint’ and ‘A State of Becoming’ on the aforementioned Silent Season and ASIP, plus in February of last year, a debut on ROHS Records (sister label to Lontano Series), with ‘Poems’.

Release notes included within ‘Emissary’ also confirms a full length LP is set to arrive later in the year, marking his return to Warmth’s label, Archives.

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