‘Sarbacane d’Antan’ – Amandra (Ahrpe Records)

Ahrpe Records see in the new decade with a five-track E.P. ‘Sarbacane d’Antan’, from label co-founder Amandra, marking the first release from the French label since June of last year.

Certain elements of the title track immediately remind me of minimal wizard Onur Özer’s Gizeh (which is only a good thing), as layers and layers of minimalist elements group together to create quite a complex yet refined sound, culminating in the space-like synths that pepper the track from the mid-point on, morphing into a tasty acidic wobble.

The gentle ‘Latraviata (Naïve)’ is more stripped back, which allows ‘Formosa’ to kick the release back up a notch, with Amandra turning to some solid ‘head-down’ dubby techno. The track chugs along nicely, with the robust kicks and synths complimented by the introduction of some of the more minimalist sounds the producer had used previously.

‘Chocolatine’ gives pride and place to dream-like elongated cosmic sounds and in the release round-off ‘Latraviata (Fable)’, Amandra presents over two and a half minutes of a near-perfect drum loop, peppered with sporadic feather like synths.

Available now, digitally and on 12″ vinyl, through the Ahrpe Records Bandcamp page.