‘Jalada’ – Daniel[i] (Whispering Signals)

Jalada by Daniel[i]

Aachen based techno label Whispering Signals celebrate their inaugural release with Jalada, a four track E.P. exemplifying the crisp, layered sound synonymous with contemporary techno. Label head Daniel[i] spearheads the release with an original mix and the remix list packs a production punch, calling on Wa Wu We (aka Sebastian Mullaert), Feral and Illuvia.

For the last 18 months, Daniel[i] aka Daniel Danieli has been slowly building a strong discography, with releases on some of the genres most forward-thinking labels (Lowless, Norite and Ritualism). With Jalada, Danieli once again displays his ability as a producer. Each element within the track is seamlessly integrated, from the kicks (which seem to start life as padded kicks, but evolve to dance floor ready rumbles) to the layers of percussive elements (a fusion of different highs work really well together). A faint vocal echoes from the mid-point on, underpinning the production with the ‘whispering signals’ message. It strikes a nice balance – in my opinion equally at home during a home listening session, or in a club setting.

4×4 remixes come in the form of Wa Wu We’s ‘Ventilation’ and Feral’s ‘Night Version’. The former’s offering is grittier and kicks, pads and highs seem denser. The latter exemplifies Feral’s sound perfectly – slightly tribal, with slinky high hats and other worldly sound samples that are interspersed throughout. 

Perhaps better known for his work under the alias Purl, Ludvig Cimbrelius rounds things off with an ‘inversion’ under the moniker Illuvia. Atmospheric ambient brings the release to a somewhat blissful ending – gentle padded kicks provide the backdrop to the numerous samples and recordings layered throughout. Cimbrelius provides a naturalistic feel, with the sound of trickling water mimicked and the faint, ethereal sound of a distant whisper present, seemingly carried along by gentle soundscapes.

According to Danieli, each contributor to the release understands his vision and perception of sounds in general, but was given full autonomy with their productions to respect the ‘Whispering Signals’ message. The result is an extremely well crafted release and in a genre where fledgling labels have to notch a few releases to find their feet, Whispering Signals has clearly hit the ground running. 

Available on vinyl (pre-order) and digitally through Formaviva.