Reflections From The Infinite’ – bryson (The Gods Planet)

Reflections from the Infinite - bryson (The God's Planet)

Italian techno label The Gods Planet is a collaborative project between arguably two of the leading lights in contemporary techno; Claudio PRC and Ness. TGP represents the pair’s joint venture across production and DJing, as well as an output for releasing music and over the last ten years, has released offerings from some of the most notable names in the contemporary techno scene (Reggy van Oers, Blazej Malinowski and Dorian Gray – to name but a few).

New to the fold is bryson, releasing his first album – a masterclass in minimalist, dubby sounds. ‘Reflections from the Infinite’ chugs along with all of the tribal infused hypnotic techno that the label is synonymous with.

‘Worlds Apart’ kicks off the release with the pitter patter of trance-inducing loops, padded kicks and toms and warpy synths. ‘Shadow Self’ sounds almost as if it was created under water – warm percussive elements are interwoven throughout and again, hypnotising drums take centre stage.

The release shifts in sound slightly with ‘White Magic Woman’; the tempo drops down, toms and kicks seem to emit a dawn like glow, perfectly complemented by acid-laced synths – a perfect 6am track. ‘Tribalism’ keeps the tempo low and stays true to its name – the loops are addictive, seemingly casting a groove inducing spell over the listener.

Bryson finishes the release with two peak-time infused tracks. ‘Serpent’ slaps along with dub-laden drums and toms and the textural ‘Age of Acquarius’ almost growls with gritty kicks and rumbling drones. 

Although new to releasing his material, bryson shows extensive production skills and a strong understanding of the modern techno sound. Coupled with a final spray of mastering magic from label head Ness and the release has become a perfect addition to the TGP discography.

Available digitally through The God’s Planet Bandcamp page.

‘Sarbacane d’Antan’ – Amandra (Ahrpe Records)

Ahrpe Records see in the new decade with a five-track E.P. ‘Sarbacane d’Antan’, from label co-founder Amandra, marking the first release from the French label since June of last year.

Certain elements of the title track immediately remind me of minimal wizard Onur Özer’s Gizeh (which is only a good thing), as layers and layers of minimalist elements group together to create quite a complex yet refined sound, culminating in the space-like synths that pepper the track from the mid-point on, morphing into a tasty acidic wobble.

The gentle ‘Latraviata (Naïve)’ is more stripped back, which allows ‘Formosa’ to kick the release back up a notch, with Amandra turning to some solid ‘head-down’ dubby techno. The track chugs along nicely, with the robust kicks and synths complimented by the introduction of some of the more minimalist sounds the producer had used previously.

‘Chocolatine’ gives pride and place to dream-like elongated cosmic sounds and in the release round-off ‘Latraviata (Fable)’, Amandra presents over two and a half minutes of a near-perfect drum loop, peppered with sporadic feather like synths.

Available now, digitally and on 12″ vinyl, through the Ahrpe Records Bandcamp page.