‘Maslyanino’ – Nikita Bondarev (Self-Released)

'Maslyanino' - Nikita Bondarev (Self-Released)

Whilst we all attempt to traverse these difficult and unprecedented times in our own ways, I personally have found solace in ingraining music even further into my daily life. It can spark moments of joy (unearthing a new-found gem of a producer or release), moments of reflection (music and memories go hand in hand) and sometimes, moments of pure distraction (digitising a 12” collection!).

I came across this gentle, long form composition from Russian musician Nikita Bondarev yesterday and felt it too beautiful not to share. Soothing piano provides the body of the piece, complemented by familiar field recordings. It transports me to a beautiful Spring morning – a gentle stroll in the local park, listening to nature as it awakes from its winter hibernation. 

No further description required. Over the coming days allow yourself to switch off for twenty six minutes and fifty eight seconds and let Bondarev transport you to that familiar place. The piece is currently available on a ‘name your price’ offer, through the artist’s Bandcamp page.