‘Between’ – Tatsuro Murakami (La Petite Chambre Records)

Between - Tatsuro Murakami - La Petite Chambre Records

Having recently completed twelve volumes of their ‘Songs for Solitude’ series, Brazil based La Chambre Records turn to Japanese (Sao Paulo based) ambient artist Tatsuro Murakami for their latest release, scheduled to drop in digital and physical form (more on this later) on the 9th September.

‘Between’ is a seven-track ambient offering, highlighting Murakami’s craft as sound artist and guitarist. The work of local multi-disciplinary artist Anais-karenin is cited as the main influence behind the first four tracks, with Murakami seemingly caressing the listeners ears with gentle soundscapes and soothing field recordings. Soft guitar plucks punctuate layered drones, with sporadic introductions of synths adding further interest.

As we reach track five, Murakami looks inward for the next three tracks and uses the pieces to offer an introspective view. ‘Reflection’, ‘My Favourite Hideout’ and ‘Inevitable Silence’ create a somewhat solemn crescendo – a notable contrast to the first half of the record which felt lighter. Nevertheless, ‘Between’ ends strongly, the closing trio of productions providing a beautiful finish.

The physical side of the release comes in a special edition of 50; a handmade package contains a risograph printed poster and a postcard with download code, accompanying the CD release.

Available for pre-order via the La Petite Chambre Bandcamp page.