‘We were never here’ – epic45 (Wayside & Woodland Recordings)

We were never here - epic 45 (Wayside & Woodland Recordings)

Ambient Duo epic45 return to Wayside & Woodland Recordings with ‘We were never here’, a 14-track LP complete with an accompanying 48 page photo book, with all original photography. Set for release in two days time, the album is available on pre-order digitally or physically in the form of CD.

Three teaser tracks are currently available for listening; the opener ‘Moss Laden’ is a gentle beginning, which sees hazy guitars gently caressed by fleeting synths. ‘Old Light’ sees meditative piano keys introduced, layered upon gritty (almost ‘crunchy’) percussive exploration, with the track culminating with atmospheric synthscapes. Penultimate track ‘Your life is a faded spire’ feels slightly more erratic, with samples and noises being intermittently introduced throughout. Again, the synths are the stars, and the track finishes with the listener enveloped in an almost dreamlike state.

The accompanying photo book documents ‘nowhere places’ – the dystopian patches of suburbia between rural areas and conurbations, seemingly springing up overnight – a familiar site for a lot of people from the U.K. 

Interesting release and looking forward to the full album.