‘The West Country’ – The Inventors of Aircraft (Self-Released)

'The West Country' - The Inventors of Aircraft (Self-Released)

Last month also saw an E.P. release from Phil Tomsett (aka The Inventors of Aircraft). ‘The West Country’ consists of four powerful ambient tracks.

The release begins with ‘Calling out my Goodnights’, where sombre synths take centre stage, amid crackles of samples / field recordings. Similar reaching synths are heard within ‘Flatland and Wires’, where Tomsett intersperses more abstract samples and the composition feels more reflective. ‘Matter and Vacuum’ is beautiful – almost evoking the feeling of quiet calm, as if a heavy rainstorm has just finished, and the clear sky is slowly emerging. Finishing the release with ‘Black Mountain Choir’, Tomsett takes it up an atmospheric notch, with layer upon layer of robust synth bliss, leaving the listener in a weightless, almost zen like state.

Tomsett recently announced a full length album is soon to drop on Wist Rec (an experimental label run by an Irish-based Canadian and a German-based Lichtenstinian) and also promises more music throughout the year. His discography is a stream of consistent quality, with a notable collaboration with Ian Hawgood (a culmination of sharing noisy synth patterns for over six years) really standing out – track ‘Haven Returns’ is superb.

Another jewel in the Northern England ambient / experimental crown – more information on Tomsett and his moniker The Inventors of Aircraft can be found here.

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